Flowering Dharma is a youth initiative aimed at preserving the old Classical Indian Philosophical Tradition & Culture. The organization was formed in the year 2009, by the collective efforts of the students from Ladakh studying in various colleges in Delhi University, and later students from other parts of the India and abroad joined.

The organization in 2016 started Alphonso Club, in order to become self reliant and sustain the activities of the organization. Alphonso generates funds through providing designing services, arranging tours, etc.

The main official centre of Flowering Dharma & Alphonso Club is currently setup at “Old Raku House”, which is in the midst of quiet and serene poplar grove in Main Tukcha, Leh. The old Raku House is an excellent example of traditional Ladakhi architecture, the foundation for which was laid 150 years ago by the great-grandparents, and grandparents of the present family.

The members of Flowering Dharma, in their limited capacity, have completed the restoration work (without any donation or external help but solely by generating funds through Alphonso club), which began last year in the month of May and completed in the month of July. Now to make the centre fully functioning, the organization would need your support and assistance. In this regard, a crowd funding campaign has been organized with the mission of reaching out to as many people as possible, who can contribute towards this cause. This campaign is run in association with a fund raising organization called Ketto ( co-founded by Kunal Kapoor, a Bollywood film actor. With this crowd-funding campaign, Flowering Dharma aims to set up a complete centre with all required facilities for conducting its various programs & activities to preserve the Heritage and Culture of Himalayan Region.

The funds that will be raised from crowd funding will be used strictly for major infrastructural facilities which can be easily moved (other than construction so that these facilities/equipments can be moved when the center changes its current location in future) like, books for the library which will be accessible for all the students and researchers, meditation cushions, shelves for the museum, infrastructure for the library, solar panels for making the centre fully eco friendly and run on solar energy. Thus every contribution in this campaign will help the organization in making it functional as an ideal centre of learning & practice.

An enthusiastic effort to support these youngsters in their endeavour, and hence to inspire other youngsters much further is the need of the hour. Given that major funding is required for this project, it will be much appreciated if each individual can support and contribute in this campaign. Even the smallest contribution can be of great benefit.

Through Credit / Debit Card via External Link – Ketto  : Ketto is an online fundraising website to raise funds for social, creative and personal causes from a large number of people. It was founded on 15 August 2012 by Varun Sheth and film and theatre actor Kunal Kapoor. In its first year, Ketto raised INR 4.5 million for 18 campaigns.

INTERNATIONAL : Through Direct Debit/Credit Payment via Internal Site Link – PayuMoney : This link is the payment gateway directly linked with the bank account of Flowering Dharma Centre.

Through Cheque Payment / Net Banking

  • RTGS/NEFT IFSC Code : PUNB0456600
  • Branch : Main Bazar, Leh (Ladakh) J&K
  • A/c No : 4566000100091365